Sunday, May 4, 2008

CSCP, Certified Supply Chain Professional

CSCP, Certified Supply Chain Professional

If we were to look at the international trade and globalisation, we soon realize that the world is borderless through the power of Internet and wireless broadband communication. The speed in which information can be disseminated means that business of the future will become more and more competitive, and can be a competitive advantage. This couple with good customer service may provide the opportunity to become the preferred service provider, retailer, distributor, or producer. Having the right corporate strategies to sustain the niche market or traditional market segment, it is imperative to have an effective supply chain management in place.

There are many ways of developing human capital to enhance the supply chain strategies. The traditional approach is to hire people with a business degree or MBA, to ensure the academic foundation is available to support any innovative initiative for continuous process improvement. This has been a challenge when these graduates are from different universities and speaking different management language, resulting in possible miscommunication and difficulties in moving in tandem.

CSCP (Certified Supply Chain Professional) from APICS USA, provides the universal platform and common management language to support the inherent supply chain business processes that can be configured to support the enterprise systems requirements. CSCP helps to establish the conceptual framework for the extended enterprise supply chain management (SCM). With this APICS Body of Knowledge, it is a coherent platform to educate and train up management and senior executives for fine-tuning supply chain management or begin the journey of developing effective SCM.

CSCP is suitable for management, seasoned practitioners and consultants to get certified for the consolidated knowledge at the macro level of the extended enterprise SCM. This way it allows for the consistency in development the much needed Conceptual Framework in order to provide the basis for the management, project managers, consultants and key users to refine the model in order to establish the final systems requirements.

The benefits of education and training using the instructor-led classes and CSCP Learning System cannot be under-rated. The power of knowledge can be unleashed through learning process and classroom interactions.

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